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Indian Classical Music is sophisticated. Ragya makes it simple.

The naturally evolved Raga framework can be trusted to curate music based on the choices nature makes for us over the course of the day. The ragas, which evoke clear emotional responses, naturally align with us, and hence, blend into our lives.

There is something compelling, soothing, often haunting, almost primal about Indian classical music.

Keen practitioners know that this enigmatic quality of Indian classical music stems from the fact that the notes in raga music are derived from nature itself – from the strings of notes that flow within the ‘still sound’ of the times of the day.

Bringing the art & the artistes to everyone

Ragya is not just an auto-curator of Indian classical music, it is also a mini encyclopedia of knowledge about each raga, artiste and composition.


Ragya’s simple and intuitive interface allows eager listeners to dive-in as deep as they like into the exciting, ever-evolving world of Indian classical music, and at their own pace.

Overall, Ragya is a complete experience of Indian classical music for the digital age. Whether you are a novice listener or a connoiseur, a new artiste or a maestro, Ragya is for you.

We intend to keep spreading Indian classical music. Join us if you’d like to, too.

Ragya has been brought to life and continues to evolve through the commitment of a small team sharing a common vision